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The care of your child is the most important aspect of our job here at Twin Lakes Child Development Center. The security and happiness of you and your children are our main goals. In order to have a successful relationship, we must first establish an open line of communication. I would like to encourage you to get involved with your child’s class.

Develop a partnership with your child’s teachers. We are always open to your suggestions and observations. Feel free to discuss these things with your child’s teacher, but remember to keep comments brief.

For a longer discussion about a concern, please feel free to make an appointment for a conference. This will ensure that they have adequate time to discuss the situation with you.  Work together with your child’s teachers to solve any problems that may arise. Keep in mind this is a partnership. Successful partnerships build slowly. Trust develops through regular, nurturing conversations – not with “on the run” comments and casual gestures. Always share your opinions, ideas, and concerns honestly and without being judgmental. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or to express any negative concerns that you may have.

We are continually looking for areas in which we need improvement and we value your input. Sometimes it takes an outsider to see a different perspective.

Visit the classroom often. We can always use help doing crafts, decorating, reading stories, going on field trips, playing games, etc.

If you have some time you would like to volunteer, please discuss your schedule with your child’s lead teacher.

Your child will develop his/her personality and establish basic morals during their first 6 years. We will work together to help your child be the best they can be.  The best way to teach them how to get along with others is by our example. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to love and care for your child.

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