Little Learners August Calendar

“There are not seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child.  There are seven million” -W. Streightiff

Lead Teacher

Lisa Regier

Here in the Little Learners, we will help introduce good manners to your child. We do not expect your child to learn to say “please” and “thank you” immediately, but hearing these phrases repeatedly (as well as, learning the sign language) will help them later. All of the children follow the same schedule. At lunchtime, they will be free to feed themselves with a spoon. (Bibs are provided by TLCDC). Your child will also be learning Bible stories, colors, counting, small and large motor skills, and more! Some of the things we will be learning: When we build with blocks we are learning our shapes and colors. We are also learning cognitive thinking, and developing small motor skills (which help later when learning to write). When we play with toy dishes and stuffed babies we are learning role-playing, learning to be like mommy and daddy. When we do art, the finished project kind of resembles the teacher’s but it’s okay to think outside of the box. We love to look at books and flashcards. We also listen to music a lot. It lets us be creative and express ourselves. Music helps us learn timing, rhythm, and patterns.

When we are in circle time it helps us to learn that we as individuals are part of a larger community. Circle time helps us learn to sit without bothering others, listen, wait our turn, and follow directions. We also have a quiet area in our class, which is where we can go if we need some time to ourselves, or if we just need to calm down, it is a place where we can learn to control our emotions.

Every day is a learning experience!

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