Download TLCDC Tuition Rates

Registration Fee (new/returning enrollment)…$100/Family

Annual Registration Fee (September: If not Paid within 90 Days)…$75/Family

Summercamp Registration Fee (Fee covers Summer Camp Program Only for current/new/returning)…$100/Student

Annual Supply Fee (April 1st or at the time of enrollment w/1st months tuition; If annual supply fee hasn’t been paid within 90 Days)…$50/Student

Monthly Tuition*

(effective Jan 1, 2022)


18 months until potty trained…$875/month

Potty trained to 36 months…$840/month

3 and 4-year-olds…$805/month

After School Care…$300/month $10/day additionally for 1/2 days & $20/day for full days

Summer Camp (5-11 years)…$185/Week (When Purchasing Whole Summer Package)

-Weekly Rates Available for Summer Camp Only

(field trips included in the cost of Summer Camp)


(excludes Summer Camp)

(Discounts are applied to the older children)

2nd Child…15% off original tuition

3rd Child…25% off original tuition

4th Child…35% off original tuition

*Tuition is subject to change with one month notice.