Noah’s Ark August Calendar

“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future” – John F. Kennedy

Lead Teacher: Cindy Wolfrom

Welcome. My name is Cindy Wolfrom. I have been a member of the Twin Lakes family since 1997. My husband and I have been married since 1986 and I am the mother of two beautiful children. I believe in raising my children with strong Christian values and I bring these same values to my classroom.

In the Noah’s Ark classroom I will provide richness and diversity throughout. I will provide many ways for your child to be challenged and learn socially acceptable behavior. I will create an environment that enhances social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development in children. I will provide opportunities for vigorous free play, indoors and outdoors, which helps with the development of large motor skills.

Children will also have opportunities for free play with blocks & manipulatives; art & writing for greater control over small motor skills. To increase language and verbal skills, the children are read to, encouraged to read alone & tell their own stories. We have a group discussion about things that are interesting to them. We begin to understand numbers, colors and shapes by observing things in our surroundings. We will enjoy music and express rhythm by providing music and movement activities daily. We will also participate in simple science activities that arouse children’s curiosity. I look forward to the opportunity to work with your child and your family.

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